Friday, September 30, 2016

Wings Music Cafe @ SS2

Friday, September 30, 2016
On last Thursday (22th September), I was invited to Wings Musicafe 13th Anniversary cum Appreciation Night by the KetchUp community.
The event is held at the SS2 branch as it was the headquarter/main branch.
From my understanding, the appreciation night it to thanks all the singers of Wings Musicafe who has committed their part time singing life; from the past, present, and the new singers.
The whole event is collaborated along with OnFm.

The first in the program is obviously welcome and appreciation speech by the Wings Musicafe founders, along with the introduction speech from the KetchUp community founder.
After all the speech, the evening is proceed with some appreciation gift from Wings Musicafe to some of the talented singers. Apparently they are having some competition for the new singers.
Forgive me for the side view as the bloggers are assigned to sit at the side,
and there are too many cameramen during the event
Finally food is served after almost an hour of speech and award giving!!
I was told that whatever given on that day is some improved/upgraded version of the menu, and some new food introduced.
Description is given in a paper, each given in our goodies bag. So there will not be any price stated here.
Pearl Milk Tea
Wings Musicafe uses wheat-based red tea.
In the new menu, they will launch variety flavor selection such as honeydew milk tea, yam like tea, chocolate milk tea, red bean japan matcha milk tea and winter melon milk tea.
Well, I was quite amused at the "red bean japan matcha milk tea", wonder how does it taste like.
Unfortunately, the only flavor given to us that day was the pearl milk tea and honeydew milk tea.

Wings House Salad Sauce
This salad has this unique taste where I was told that it is the most famous creations by the chef, as the sauce was made all by himself.
Bacon Risotto
Coming to the second dish, I realized Wings Musicafe has lot of food with bacon.
For this risotto, its a newly launched creation, also a recommendation from the Chef; a must try!

Mix Grilled
This mixed delight comes in 3 combos- Chicken/Pork, Chicken/Fish, Pork/Fish.
Each combo is complemented by our delectable cheese ham sausage, house salad and classic fries served in sizzling hot plates, you will definitely enjoy the warm food.
However I am not so sure whether customer will have the choice of choosing which sauce to complement it with.

Chef Creamy Pork Chop
This dish is in the menu since 2014. Meaning this is one of the improved version of food in the menu.
This Pork Chop is tediously marinated with several special spices, and coupled with a house-proprietary aromatic garlic white sauce.

Magic Fries
Last but not least, is the magic fries which is a platter (maybe it was specially made for us) consist of 6 flavor of fries. But in the menu, it will be written individually instead of a platter.
The 6 flavor of fries consist of;
1. The Classic, 2. The Tangy Curry, 3. Mexican Chili, 4. Taiwanese Pepper Salted, 5. Signature Wings Italian, and 6. The Cheesy Primero

Overall all the food was okay, but of course there's always room for improvement. 
The event is something new to me, as I'm not usually invited as a "Blogger" to such event.
Do head down to any Wings Musicafe branch and try out their new improved menu!

And here's the goodies bag given by Wings Musicafe;
Spot the Wings' special house salad sauce!
Also, there's a CD to promote the singers debuted from Wings

Wings Musicafe
Franchise Hotline: 012-2260212

** P.S To be frank, I am more to an instagrammer than a blogger type of person.
Forgive me if the pic is not up to standard as I'm too used to flatlays arrangement and natural lighting for a better picture.
Do head over to my instagram ;) @michellectting

Monday, March 28, 2016

The KetchUp Community

Monday, March 28, 2016

What is KetchUp?
KetchUp is a community that offer an unique experience for the cafe-hopping crowds to rediscover cafe spaces.
In short, it gives us the experience to catch up with people; to really sit down and talk with each other on the experience of each of our journey regardless its on blogging or social media platform.
On the launch of the community, KetchUp has organized a "36 Cafes, 36 Bloggers, 6 Days, 6 Neighborhoods" campaign.
The sentence says it all.
Yes, 36 cafes in 6 days (3 weekends) with 36 bloggers/social influencer in 6 different neighborhood. 

On the last weekend, I was fortunate enough to be invited by the KetchUp Community on the launch of at Damansara Utama/Jaya area, which was on the 19th of March.
Here's the cafes that we have covered the other day.

Unfortunately because I have events at other places the other day, I only covered 4 cafes; the ones from 1 PM onwards.

The Third Stop (which was my first stop with the KetchUp Community) is Frisson Coffee Bar
As usual, it is PACK during the weekend especially when its lunch hour (I'm a frequent customer there)

Check out the Dessert Bar just on the left when you enter the shop
Frisson has a different bar just for making desserts (pancakes, toast etc)
Love the seats at the dessert bar; gives a different feels of the overall cafe
Here's the food given to us by the owner, Daren.
This foods was newly launch on November last year
From the left: P. TrippleB French Toast, Donut Ringmaster Burger (My favourite!!) and Wessy Waffle Wurger

Our Fourth stop is The Good Batch.
Who wouldn't know Good Batch? It has been there even before I was official active in Instagram.
Yet it was actually my first time stepping in.
And of course as expected, Good Batch is also FULL HOUSE.

The very "instagrammable" wall that everybody took whenever they're here
Here's the foods and drinks given to us by the owner, Caroline.
However we was told that this item are yet to launch. I guess we are the lucky ones to try it first ;)

Our fifth stop is Battery Acid Club.
If I'm not mistaken, this cafe start their business early of last year.
Yet my first visit here was this year around January.
Battery Acid Club is located at Damansara Utama, few km away from Damansara Uptown and is well hidden among the row of car workshops.
Just if you're wondering, this is how it looks like from the outside.
 And yes, they don't have a signboard
From the left is the counter. Trust me, this cafe really shined out the minimalist style well.
They have a small room at the end which showcase some of the uniques stuff they're selling

One of the rack that was showcased in the room.
Reminds me of Snackfood, from Bangsar.
Here's the foods and dessert that was given by the owners, Swiss and Aaron.

From the top left: Miso Espresso Baked Chicken, Sweet Potato Fritters and Cendol Cake *slurp*

Last but not least, our last stop of the day is Milligram located at Taman Mayang
And again another cafe which I have yet to visit until that other day.
Been wanting to visit this place so badly because I saw lot of pretty pictures from Instagram.

Here's the generous amount of foods that was given by the owners, Robbie and Trincy.
Really very generous that I didn't even take my dinner the other day because I was too full from all these foods.

From the top left: Smoke Pork Bacon Pasta, The Lazy Pig (Pork Cutlet), Nestum Bacon French Toast, Kilogram Breakkie and Bac + Cheese

Yes I know, blog with foods are supposed to be reviewed; how's the taste, price range etc.
But I was told that this post is to dedicate on how the Community works, how this campaign brought all of us together.

So, here's what I'm gonna say.
Overall from this campaign, I'm glad that I am one of the selected bloggers (though I'm more of an Instragrammer than a blogger) to attend the launch of KetchUp.
It was pretty exciting to meet new people from different platforms; I do get to know some new friends :D
Also from this campaign, I got to know all of the stories from the cafe owners on how they started their cafe, where they got their inspiration etc which was something I would never thought of asking the cafe owners. I'm always going in to a cafe, sit down, order my food, snap photo, eat, pay my bill and chow.
So yeah, this campaign gave me the opportunity to know something new.

Last but not least, I really do appreciate the effort put in by all of the cafe owners on spoiling us with so many good foods, sharing us their stories etc. And of course to team KetchUp, THANK YOU for having me along :)
Do check out this website for any updates on their upcoming events 


Monday, October 5, 2015

Frisson Coffee Bar @ Damansara Uptown

Monday, October 5, 2015
Thanks to Tap by Seeties I got to attend The Seeties FBIs gathering at one of my favourite café; Frisson Coffee Bar at Damansara Uptown.
I would say it was a great experience for me as this was the first time I attended a food review session without knowing anyone who’s attending the event (I was actually really nervous).
To be honest, it was my third time here in Frisson but I’ve never actually explored the café yet as I was always sitting near the glass window; for a better lighting- Instagram purpose.
So, here’s what it looks like inside.
The counter
Here's the dessert section.
I would say one of the reason I don’t mind coming back to Frisson was because they offered affordable price for their food and beverages despite the good quality of ingredients they’re using.
Plus, they even have lunch set menu which comes with drinks.
Just good for a student like me who wants to take care of my pocket yet wants to have some awesome café shots to update my Instagram.

Below is the newly introduced Frisson’s premium Italian Pasta and Affogato Series.
There’s two available offer you can get when you purchase a Premium Italian Pasta:
1.       Buy one premium italian pasta and get a free pizza (By using Seeties apps); OR
2.       Buy one premium italian pasta and get 30% off the affogato series.


Daren which is the café owner was really friendly to actually explain all the foods that were brought over to our table.
So, here’s the selection of pizzas available in Frisson.
To be honest the presentation look almost similar that I couldn't identify it, except the Norwegian Smoked Salmon ones.
The Vegetarian Pizza (RM 15.90)
Beef pepperoni pizza (RM 15.90)
Norwegian Smoked Salmon Pizza (RM 18.90)
The smoked salmon was really fresh *thumbs up*
And here’s the typical Instagram shot.
Peppermint Chocolate (RM 11)
Their hot chocolate and peppermint blended so well. Even with the rich chocolate taste, I could still taste the after taste of  the mint.

Here’s two of Frisson’s Special Hearty Meal.
Croissant Ala Fusion Chicken (RM 22.90)
I've always have a thing with croissant. Well-baked and the chicken was well-marinated with the ingredient they used.
But for this dish, I would say its better to come over during lunch hour where you could save about RM 4.
Frisson's Big Breakkie (RM 28.90)
With a lot of combination used, and the good qualities of ingredient I would say RM 28.90 was okay.
Even the bread used was rather unique compare to other cafes.

So, here’s the premium Italian Pasta selection.
Frankly speaking, I don’t take beef so I couldn't comment much when it comes to beef food selection. And I hope I didn't get mixed up with all the food names.

Beef Striplon Pramigiana (RM 26.90)
Picante Soft-Shell Crab with Creamy Tomato (RM 29.90)
This dish was quite impressive, every chili ingredient was well blended with the rosemary creamy tomato sauce (Even thinking of it make me drools).
** Don't order this if you think you can't handle the spiciness.
Garlic Basil Salmon (RM 28.90)
I would say the herb was infused properly. Salmon was really fresh as well.
Salmon on Creamy Tomato Sauce (RM 28.90)
This dish was pretty similar with the Picante Soft-shell except this isn't spicy.
The sauce proportion was nice, not too creamy.
The owner is also kind enough to let us try the Affogato series.

From top left is Chocolate Mint (RM 12.50), Chocolate affairs (RM 13.50), and Are you Nuts? (RM 14)
I ordered the Chocolate Affairs with espresso shots (You can choose either chocolate or espresso shots) and it was really really good.


Not forgotten, he also gave us this apple crumble cheesecake (Okay I got lost with the full name but it was called something like these).
The owner said it was one of the bestseller. Two cakes could just sell off within half day.
For someone who doesn't really eat cheesecake, I actually could accept these.
The cheese was just nice, not too jelak. Apple crumble was nice too!
Overall, this was all the food we were feed on during the whole 3 hour gathering.
I actually enjoyed having to gather around people who I've yet to known, to talk with café owners which I don’t usually do and to try the other food that I didn't get to try during the last two visits.

Sincerely would like to thanks Daren the café owner for having us here, and also to the community members of Tap by Seeties who accompanied us during the whole gathering session.

As usual parking here will be a headache, and the only solution to this is to park at Uptown 7 with one of the cheapest parking rate compare to the other building. You could also park at the underground parking but parking at Uptown 7 is nearer.

Frisson Coffee Bar
71-G, Jalan SS 21/1A, Damansara Uptown 03-7732 9969

Operating Hours:
Monday: 11 am – 10.30 pm
Tuesday off
Wednesday-Friday: 11 am – 10.30 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 9 am – 10.30 pm
Facebook: Frisson Coffee Bar
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